RATIONAL 60.74.405 – Integration Kit – UltraVent Plus XS including installation kit

Important Info For professional integration of unit model XS 6-2/3 incl. UltraVent Plus XS in a wall unit
Suitable For XS Models - Size XS 6-2/3
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty
£2,907.03 exc VAT | £3,488.44 inc VAT


Integration kit.

For iCombi Pro XS and CombiMaster Plus XS.

The appearance also counts – so you can also integrate the small cooking system with an integration kit in your front of shop area. Space for a hood is already provided so you can install an UltraVent or UltraVent Plus as needed. This is supplied with a trim kit included to prevent the accumulation of dirt in less accessible areas.

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