£49.99 exc VAT | £59.99 inc VAT


The No-Fli has many attractive and incentive features such as the glue board application making it perfect for any sensitive food preparation areas. The new design allows for greater UV light output resulting in an effective catch. This innovative design has an optional decorative front to blend into any front of house area giving to a fly control unit with style.

 The innovatively designed, British-made NoFli Compact Unit. Great looking, light, easy to fit & service.

 Replaces the dirty, unsafe Zapper products

 A supply of glue boards allowing you to service the NoFLi unit every month.  It is fully recyclable, non-toxic and It only takes 5 seconds to change a glue board!

 Bulbs – High quality energy efficient bulbs with an optimum UV light output of 365 Nannometres – proven to be effective at attracting insects.

 The NoFli Standard unit covers approximately 80m2. Perfect for all establishments such as Take-Aways, Café’s, Butchers, Bakers etc.

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