MERRYCHEF e2SGXMV5AAU1RDUK Eikon E2s (1ph) Trend High Speed Oven – 13 Amp – Red

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 356 x 594 x 645mm
Weight 61.1kg
Phase Single
Amp 13
Noise level dB 45.3dBA
Cavity 12" x 12" x 14"
Warranty 12 months on-site warranty
£5,559.99 exc VAT | £6,671.99 inc VAT


MERRYCHEF e2SGXMV5AAU1RDUK Eikon E2s (1ph) Trend High Speed Oven – 13 Amp – Red.

Merrychef Eikon E2s Trend – Standard Power with Rapid Cooking Technology is ideal for cafes, snack bars, coffee shops or suppliers of crispy snacks.

The Eikon e2s Trend combination microwave/oven is a great option for catering businesses who have limited space but want to freshly prepare hot food. It is a very small footprint with a great feature list. It is a high-speed oven combining convection oven, microwaves and impingement technology. This version is the “Trend” option which has a coloured exterior, softer edges and a storage area on the top, making it suitable for a location where it can be seen by customers. This oven can be used to cook, grill, toast, regenerate and bake. It can be used on fresh or frozen foods such as pizza, fish, meat, vegetables, pastries and pasties.

The Eikon e2s has a range of accessories that increase the flexibility of the oven, including flat cook plates, guarded paddles, sold base baskets and griddle cook plates.

The Trend option comes in red or black. The e2s classic comes in a stainless steel finish. This is the standard 1000W/2.2kW version of the Trend. It also comes in a high power version.

Merrychef Eikon e2s Trend – Standard Power features include:

  • 1000W (IEC705) Microwave Output.
  • 2.2kW Convection Oven.
  • Accelerated Cooking Technology combines three heat technologies:
    Convection, Microwave & Impingement.
  • Up to x15 times faster than a conventional oven.
  • Ventless Technology removes the need for additional ventilation.
  • Easytouch, icon driven touch screen controls.
  • USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking programs.
  • Colour coded exterior.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Rail surrounding accessory storage on top of oven.
  • In built diagnostic testing.
  • 12 months on-site manufacturer’s warranty.


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