CLEENOL EV2/X2 325ml Heavy Duty Cleaner

Capacity 1 x 325ml
£3.99 exc VAT | £4.79 inc VAT

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CLEENOL EV2/X2 325ml Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Cleenol’s Evolution X2 Dual Cartridge Flask dispensing system allows concentrated chemicals to be diluted at point of use.

Unlike conventional systems, Evolution requires no water connections, plumbing, or electrical supply. The robust flask is able to withstand the harshest cleaning environment. Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as there is no need for constant surveillance of the system.

A highly effective cleaner and degreaser for use where heavy soil and grease are evident. This concentrated kitchen cleaner/degreaser can be used through a trigger bottle on exterior areas of equipment including canopy hoods, fat fryers, cookers, canopy filters, as well as stainless steel wall cladding and glazed tiles. We also provide a bucket-fill option for floors, walls and general cleaning of hard surfaces.

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