CLEENOL ADS/BODD Battery Operated Drain Dispenser

£199.99 exc VAT | £239.99 inc VAT



CLEENOL ADS/BODD Battery Operated Drain Dispenser.

Automatic dosing, dilution and application hardware is available from Cleenol to enable products to be cost-effectively diluted and applied.

These time-dosing units for Enzyme Drain Maintainer can be powered via mains or there is a battery-operated version where a mains connection isn’t available.

Each product in the Cleenzyme Range has been formulated to minimize the impact on the environment. They utilise raw materials from renewable resources, and are fully biodegradable and phosphate-free. Cleenzyme products are also septic tank safe and not tested on animals. Learn more >

Find the latest Cleenol products like the Cleenol ADS/BODD Battery Operated Drain Dispenser from Comcat Engineering SW Ltd at the best prices available online.

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