CLEENOL 0209PP 2 x 5ltr Purple Beer Line Cleaner

Capacity 2 x 5ltr
£19.99 exc VAT | £23.99 inc VAT



CLEENOL 0209PP 2 x 5ltr Purple Beer Line Cleaner.

Cleenol provides a range of professional-grade Bar Products to serve public houses, restaurants and breweries. Keep your beer lines clean and sanitary with our top-rated beer line cleaners.

Renovation of glassware is an important part of providing the best possible drink presentation to your customer and can sometimes be neglected causing issues such as poor lacing, head retention and presentation, leading to flat pints.

Our Glasswash for Enclosed Auto Glasswashing Machines is loved by pub owners and restauranteurs alike for its non-corrosive formulation, which removes any stains or soiling from fine wine, beer and multi-purpose glasses – leaving them spotless and free of unwanted residue. Our non-tainting formulae help to ensure beverages aren’t ruined by a synthetic taste.

A powerful blend of caustic alkalines and chlorine-based bleaching agent. Also contains a colour indicator to signify when the product is exhausted.

Maintains beer lines, pipes and valves in top condition. Can be used to clean all types of liquid pump line systems in the food industry.

Find the latest Cleenol products like the Cleenol 0209PP 2 x 5ltr Purple Beer Line Cleaner from Comcat Engineering SW Ltd at the best prices available online.

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