CLEENOL 020803/5LRS 2 x 5ltr Red Label Wash Aid

Capacity 2 x 5ltr
£19.91 exc VAT | £23.89 inc VAT



CLEENOL 020803/5LRS 2 x 5ltr Red Label Wash Aid.

Designed for use through commercial and industrial machine dishwashers, Red Label Washaid’s powerful formulation removes the heaviest of soiling.  Suitable for medium / hard water conditions.  Only to be used through approved Cleenol auto dosing systems (ADSs). Not suitable for hand washing of crockery or utensils.

Health and safety warning – CORROSIVE.

Cleenol provides automatic chemical dosing equipment on a free loan basis to be connected if there is no provision for integral dosing on the dishwasher (a minimum of 36 months’ contract is required). This equipment will be calibrated for the selected product for the water condition provided.

All dishwashing operators and kitchen users will be informed of the new products being installed and on the use of protective goggles and gloves when replacing chemicals to the feed pipes of the dosing unit.

Cleenol will offer a service supply maintenance agreement for the maintenance of the dosing equipment as part of the service package. We will replace peristaltic pump heads and check wash results.

A trained Cleenol Service Support Engineer will complete and provide a copy of the checklist to the Food & Beverage Manager, Head Chef or designated Head of Machine Department, detailing the results and work carried out during the service visit.

Our range of dishwashing chemicals for automatic dosing include top-quality wash aids, rinse aids, glass wash and more.

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