AQUIS Tank Water Filter – From Blue Ice Machines

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AQUIS Tank Water Filter – From Blue Ice Machines.

As a globally leading water filtration company, Aquis provides high sophisticated Claris® and Claroswiss® –
Tank Water Filters which are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in the field of beverage preparation.

The Aquis Tank Water Filters reliably protect appliances against limestone deposition and particles and optimize the feed
water for various applications such as coffeemakers, teamakers, hot-water dispensers, multi-beverage appliances,
steamers, steam-irons etc.

It is strongly recommended to use a water filter in your appliance when having feed water with a carbonate hardness
above 5°dH/9°fH or other impurities that might negatively effect the taste or odour of your beverage!


Feed water: Filter to be used with drinking water acc. to statutory regulations only !

Water temperature: 10°C – 35°C / 50°F – 95°F.

Max. operation period: Filter needs to be replaced 2 months after first application at the latest.

Flow rate: Filter is designed for flow rates up to 300 ml/min.

Blue Ice Machines prides itself in its commitment to its customers, providing high class customer service.

Blue Ice Machine are committed to supply our customers with:

  • Training for machine usage
  • Free installation on equipment
  • Customer phone line support
  • Quality technical support
  • Competitive warranty on all equipment
  • Long term maintenance support
  • Manageable payment options
  • Starters package with every machine


Blue Ice Machine will train you and your staff to assemble, operate, maintain and clean your equipment so that you achieve the optimum reliability and profitability.


Filter capacity: In average 50ltrs of tap water at a carbonate hardness of 15°dH / 27° fH Maximum operation period to be respected!

Pressure drop: Typically, 100 mbar at a flow rate of 300 ml/min.

Materials: All filter components /-materials are approved for food contact applications.

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