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For effective, hygienic cleaning results, choose these non-woven blue J cloths. The blue colourway makes these cloths perfectly suited for colour-coded cleaning. Colour-coded cleaning will help to prevent cross-contamination, and limit the spread of harmful bacteria throughout the different areas of your premises.

The viscose and polyester material makes the cloths highly absorbent too – making it easy for staff to quickly tackle dirt, grime and mess on your surfaces.

And because they’re certified food-safe, these cloths can be used in your kitchens and other prep areas without risk of tainting your ingredients!

Product features

  • Dimensions 580(W) x 330(D)mm
  • Material Polyester & Viscose
  • Weight 390g
  • Colour Blue
  • Blue colourway makes the cloths suitable for colour-coded cleaning to prevent cross contamination
  • Large size allows you to tackle bigger surfaces with less effort
  • Bumper box of 50 means each pack will last you longer
  • Also available in yellow, red and green to match your colour-coded systems
  • Thick, highly absorbent polyester and viscose material quickly soaks up spills and mess
  • Lint-resistant, non-woven material leaves fewer fibres on your surfaces
  • Certified food-safe – making the cloths ideal for use in food prep areas

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