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Range of Commercial Cooling Solutions

Step into the world of premium cooling with our versatile collection of freezers, fridges, bottle coolers, wine coolers, and saladettes. Our range has been meticulously curated for commercial kitchen use. Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a lively bar, or a high-end catering service, our chilling solutions are engineered to meet your every cooling requirement.

What We Have To Offer:

  • High-Capacity Commercial Freezers: Perfect for storing bulk ingredients, our freezers ensure your produce remains fresh and well-preserved. Great storage for unexpected busy days.
  • Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Units: Our fridges balance optimal cooling with energy efficiency, helping you keep your operation costs down.
  • Specialized Bottle and Wine Coolers: Elevate your bar service with our sleek and functional bottle and wine coolers, ensuring beverages are served at the perfect temperature.
  • Innovative Saladettes for Freshness: Keep your salads and garnishes crisp and refreshing with our high-quality saladettes.

Envision the transformation in your kitchen as our state-of-the-art cooling equipment streamlines your operations. No more concerns about storage space or food spoilage. Instead, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, efficient cooling, enhancing both your food quality and customer satisfaction. Some of the brands we stock include Blizzard, Koldbox, Elstar and Williams.

Embrace the change that comes with top-tier refrigeration using the category’s below or get in touch for personalised recommendations from our in engineers.

Bottle Coolers
Ice Machines
Blast Chillers / Freezers
Glass Frosters
Wine Coolers
Fish Cabinets / Fish Keepers
Fridge Freezers
Bakery Refrigeration
Multi-deck Display Fridges
Medical Refrigeration
Ice Cream Machines
Chilled Prep Counters & Tops

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