The Microsave Microwave Liner provides total protection for the cavity, the roof, sides, back and base of a commercial microwave oven, saving not only hundreds of pounds in repair costs which are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but also valuable time in keeping the oven clean and hygienic.

These ovens become the obvious candidates for the Cavity Protection System when considering the LOSS OF PROFITS due to the “downtime” of the microwave, which could result in expensive repair costs, makes the Cavity Protection System a clear necessity. The good thing is that the majority of these costs could be saved using the Cavity Liner, which protects the most vulnerable exposed parts. It massively increases the standard of hygiene and makes cleaning of the microwave simple, quick and efficient.

Models available are the CPS1A which covers the SHARP range of Heavy Duty Compact microwave ovens, the CPS2A for the PANASONIC Heavy Duty Range and the CPS3A for the WINIA range of heavy duty and marine commercial microwave ovens.

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